Duration: 6 Days
Itinerary: Himara, Vlora, Berat, Tirana, Ohrid & Bitola-Macedonia, Bitola-Macedonia, Gjirokastra, Corfu-Greece

Day 1

Transfer by ferry from Corfu to Sarande-Albania.In case of non running ferry to Sarande, take the Igumenica ferry and later drive to the Albanian boarder only 30 min far from Igumenica, call Qafe – Bote Albania.

Before arrive to Saranda Albania visit Butrint. ( a part of UNESCO family). The Butrint in case the change of the program can be visit also the last day.)

Drive to Vlora or Fier city for the first overnight.

On way, via the Coast site of Albania pass from the Navy base of Palermo.(ex marine base of the system)(optional lunch) in Himara. Drive up hill to Llogora National Park 900 m vertical from the sea level and round noon arrive to Vlora. Stop to the historical centre of Vlora and the day END to city Vlora, only 30 min driving from Fieri.

Dinner  include at the hotel.

Overnight in Vlora, or Fier city. ( city’s are only 35 km far to each others)

Day 2

Drive to Berat, Durres and transfer for the second overnight in Tirana.

After the breakfast drive to visit Berat. (the city of one thousands and one windows, part of UNESCO family)

Visit the old city of  Berat, include the Orthodox churches and the Museum of Icons, Painting Art . From Berat drive to the coast town of Durres.( optional lunch in Durres). Visit the Amphitheatre of the town and the Old Square of the city which is still in very good condition for visit. Round noon drive to Tirana and include the visit of the main boulevard of the Capital City. There the walking visit include the Pyramid of the ex dictator Hoxha, the block of the ex government system and several building of the Albanian historical Administration too.

Dinner include in the hotel.

Overnight in Tirana or Durres.  ( city’s are only 45 km far to each others)

Day 3

Drive to Ohrid – Macedonia.

As we leave from Tirana pay a visit to Kruja town incl the Museum of the National Hero call “ SKENDERBE”, and the Teke of the Bektash religion sect in Kruja. Coffee  break and shopping to the well known bazar of Kruja.

Leave Kruja and drive to the boarder of Macedonia. On way (optional lunch) out site of the city Elbasan, next to the river. Arrive late noon to Ohrid-Macedonia.

Dinner  include at the hotel. Overnight to Ohrid or to Struga town.

( The distance between is only 15 km)

Day 4

After the breakfast drive to the Old Ohrid.Visit the Monastery of St Sofia and Mother of God monastery too. Excursion by the lake boat ( optional), or by bus via the land to Svety Naum area.

Visit the Svety Naum Monastery and spent several hours next to the lake, or to the forest of Svety Naum. There will be the best opportunity for PERLA shopping and several local products too. Late noon by bus return to the hotel near by Ohrid town. Dinner in the hotel.

Optional tour to: Ohrid By Night. Transfer from the hotel 21:00 and return at 24:00

Overnight in Ohrid or Struga.

Day 5

Drive  to Gjirokaster-Albania.

Almost full day driving inland Albania.

On way visit Ardenica Monastery.Optional lunch to Ardenica area.

On way passing from Tepelena town, will have a stop break for photos next to Ali Pasha statue, next to Vjosa river and a visit to the Museum of Ali Pasha which is the symbol of the region of  Tepelena. Arrive late noon to Gjirokaster.

Dinner  include at the hotel.


Overnight in Gjirokaster or Sarande. ( city’s are only 60 km far to each others)

Day 6

Early in the morning visit the castle of Gjirokastra, the Ethnographic Museum of the town, (which was the house of the ex dictator of Albania called Hoxha)

The Old part of the city belongs to the UNESCO family. Drive to Sarnda City. If the infrastructure is promising for visit the Blue Eye then the National amazing park will be including. Visit the Castle of Lekuresi and optional lunch.

Before the departure visit a market of  Saranda with all sorts of Albanian product like:

local souvenirs, Albanian brandy, Albanian Polyphonic music, ect,ect,ect.

Take the afternoon ferry from Sarande to Corfu.

Arrive in Corfu round 19:00 local time.


Notes on towns and main sites/ Albania/Macedonia/Greece

Himara & Vlora:  The main town in the coast area.The well known for the most beautiful beach in Albania. There is recommended area to spent longer beach and cultural holidays.

Berat: Well known as the city of One Thousand and One windows, the city of the Byzantine History and well known for the special Albanian gastronomy. Part of the “UNESCO” family too.

Tirana: The capital and main administration city of Albania since 1920, with 1 million habitants; A town with big contrasts. Tirana is the main institute of culture and town in which you can find good restaurants with specialties from different areas of the country. Around Tirana, several historical sites can be found in cities like Durres and Kruja.

Ohrid & Bitola-Macedonia.
The Ohrid town is located next to the biggest and the deepest lake in Europe. Ohrid is a town with reach religion tradition and very delicious gastronomy. The Ohrid is candidate for being a part of UNESCO family too.

Bitola-Macedonia: This town is one of the biggest town in Macedonia where visitors will find the multiethnic culture, the Ancient site since the Illyrian, Greek time and the culture of different religions too.

Gjirokastra: This fascinating and historic small town is on “UNESCO”s World Heritage list. Largely medieval, with some lovely architecture to admire reflecting the town’s wealthy past, it is build on a hill overlooking valley and mountains. Excellent views from the large castle above, which houses a weapon museum! Some good restaurants in de narrow cobbled lanes of the old town.

Saranda: Commercial port and main town in the south. It’s built directly over Roman town which surfaces here and there. Best views are from the castle call “Lekuresi” high above; the restaurant on top is an idea for evening dining.

Corfu-Greece: Corfu is the most beautiful Ionian Island which belongs to Greece. Is located opposite to Albania. The island of Feaks from the description of Omer.
Is the Island from where has passed the civilization of Venetians, French, British and now exist the Greek culture too.

Additional Info

  1. We confirm that in Albania it is one hour earlier than in Greece,( people should put their watch one hour earlier ).
  2. On the 6-day tour we confirm that; if one person is traveling completely alone,(use of single room)a supplement of  115.00 Euros will be extra charged or a third part that share the same double room will be extra charge 95.00 Euro.
  3. For the 6-day tour to Albania & Macedonia, for 6 lunches, for drinks & coffee: a person should need approx 50-70 Euros.
  4. People are advised to use comfortable shoes during visiting museums and archeological places.
  5. About the climate & temperature in South Albania and Macedonia this is similar to the climate on Corfu. (Mediterranean climate). About the temperature on the North of Albania and Macedonia is always 5 G/C lower than to the South part.
  6. To Albania and Macedonia the representative of “SIPA TOURS” will be following the group.

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