The amazing program of Jeep Safari start with our meeting to the highest point of Lekuresi Castle from where you can join the view of Ionian & Adriatic sea.

Starting tby he main road via the country land and in some 30 min arrival to the closest town call Delvina.

Delvina is the city of multi culture and nations, well known as the crossroad of South Albania with East side of Greece, a special for the business on leather market, local products for the area market during the 18-19- Century. During our sigh seen and visit to Delvina will pay a visit to the Castle of the area which date since the period of 18-th  Century, later on the square of the town and few of the buildings which exist from the ex Communist system too. Including  some of the local instruments will be wafting in Delvine and accompanied us during enjoying an Albanian Coffee.

On our departure from Delvina will drive up hill to the mountain area  passing from  stone village  Muzina via OFF ROAD  terrene will give the opportunity to enjoy the adventure of the day . The scenery of the area is an natural, peaceful and full with oxygen of the Mediterranean character .Driving down hill from 800 m vertical from the sea level , passing from Dropuli  valey  ( Greek minority area ), following off road to Labova  Medieval  Byzantine  area. Spending  full lunch time ,having the chance to enjoy the local lamp made on traditional way.

Un forgettable will be also the visit to the village Dhrovian, located 700 m vertical from the level of the sea where we will have the opportunity to meet local people, discuses with them exchange their experience, showing the way of their concept and enjoying an local meze test with bio product homemade combine with a local drink RAKI.

Exploring the village and driving via some rivers, nero local roads, goats dairy, later on will arrive and visit the National park Syri I Kalter, where we will enjoy the walking and sight seen of  15 springs of the area. The main spring of Blue Eye too which keep all the visitors in ankh for the actual color, temperature and the running power too.

From the Blue Eye on way back to Saranda city our driving will be following almost next to Bistrica River and close to Mesopotami area, which is including in our visit also the Monastery of Mesopotamia, build during the 12 Century.

On our return back to Lekuresi point from where the bus will transfer you back to the hotel  by the Good Bye from Sipa Tours, you will receive an local traditional souvenir for free (CD Polyphonic  Music made by Lefter Cipa).

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