3 Days

Day 1

Take the ferry to Saranda – Albania. Departure at 09:00 local Greek time. Arrival 08:30 local Albanian time.(Albania time is one hour later than Greek time).
Passport check in. Walk and visit the city of Saranda. After drive to visit the Ancient City of Butrint.  Lunch to Lekuresi. Drive via the old east/west caravan route to Gjirokastra.
Arrive late afternoon in Gjirokaster. Overnight in Gjirokaster.(kms 61).

Day 2

Guided walking tour of the old town including the castle and ethnographic museum.
Drive north to Berat. Walking tour of the old town and visit Onufri icon museum. Lunch (included.) Drive to the coast city of Vlora. Overnight to Vlorat (kms 210).

Day 3

After towards drive to the Riviera of Albania, pass from the small town of Himara, incl a small visit to the Castle of Palermo. Lunch includit. After mid-day arrive to Saranmda.
( km 120)
Ferry back to Corfu (16.20 h – 1:20 min.).

Notes on towns and main sites

Gjirokastra: This fascinating and historic small town is on UNESCO’s
World Heritage list. Largely medieval, with some lovely architecture to admire reflecting the town’s wealthy past, it is build on a hill overlooking valley and mountains. Excellent views from the large castle above, which houses a weapon museum! Some good restaurants in de narrow cobbled lanes of the old town.

Berat: Another member of the UNESCO club, Berat is called ‘the town of a thousand eyes’ because of the many-windowed old houses that crow above the river Osum and up the hill.  High along the ridge is a 14th C citadel, its walls enclosing no fewer than fourteen small painted churches (hence the presence of the famous icon museum). The Turkish influence may be seen in the town’s three mosques and tekke, also worth visiting.

Saranda: Commercial port and main town in the south. It’s built directly over a
Roman town which  surfaces here and there. Best views are from the castle call “Lekuresi” high above; the restaurant on top is an idea for evening dinin

Additional Info

€ 555.00 P.P

FOR 2 PAX  € 1111.00

What’s Included

  • 2 lunch
  • 2 dinners
  • 8 Entry fees.
  • Accommodation on base double room incl  breakfast.
  • Private guide staying with clients.
  • Transfer on base the described program.

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