Duration: 1 Day

From the east coast of Corfu you can almost reach out to the mountains of Albania. Although the distance can almost be swum, there is a world of difference between both destinations. Albania is a country only recently discovered by tourism, but is absolutely a country that has a lot to offer. It has beautiful beaches, an unspoiled landscape, very friendly inhabitants, an excellent cuisine, an interesting history and lots of culture. Albania specialist Sipa Tours will give you the opportunity to discover this unique country by the following excursions:
From Corfu town a ferry will take you in about 70 min along the northeast coast of Corfu to Saranda, one of the main cities of southern Albania. Minibuses and/or luxurious cars, together with your guide of that day will be awaiting you in the port.

The fascinating old center of Gjirokaster is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Largely medieval, with some lovely architecture to admire, reflecting the town’s wealthy past, it is built on a hill overlooking a valley and mountains. To get to Gjirokaster from Saranda is a lovely ride of about one hour. On arrival and after a short coffee break we will first visit the castle overlooking the entire town and its surroundings. This large castle houses a weapon museum. From there you will be guided on a small walk through the narrow streets of town towards the ethnographic museum, which used to be the house of the parents of ex-dictator Hoxha. This interesting museum will give a good impression of the way of living in Albania during the Othoman period.  For lunch we will leave town and drive to a nearby lake, where some specialties of the area can be tasted.
On our way back to Saranda we will pass from the national park Syri I Kalter. In this peaceful forest we will walk (5 min) to the crystal clear spring called Blue Eye, where 900 m3 water per minute is coming from deep down the earth. If time permits, there will be a short coffee break at the restaurant next to the fast streaming river in the park, before heading back to the port of Saranda.

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