Duration: 1 Day

Leaving on coach from the port of Saranda, some 15 minutes later we reach the Castle of Lekuresi, located on the hill over the city of Saranda. The castle was build in the beginning of 17th C and is at 600 meters above sea level.

From the site of the newly reconstructed Castle, one can admire the amazing views of  Ionian & Adriatic seas and the coastline of the beautiful island of Corfu opposite.

A wonderful local test, local wine and the fantastic Albanian Polyphony music, uncial in Europe will give you the biggest pleasure of the day. You could participate on learning Albanian dance and sing Albanian Polyphony too.

After this amazing view, local wine, local snacks and Polyphony music, later on you will visit the lovely promenade of the city and join some Albanian handmade souvenir. Transfer to the port.

Tour Timings Breakdown:

00:00 Departure from the port.
00:20 Arrival to Lekuresi Castle
01:00 Visit of the Castle, Enjoy the local wine and the Polyphony music
01:20 Arive to the town, walking and guiding to the promenade.
01:50 Dep from the town to the port.
02:00 Arrival back to the port


From Saranda to Lekuresi Castle the distance is  only 5 km and takes 20 min by bus.

  • Most of the road is in good condition. 50/% of the road is driving via the town and 50% of the road is call local nero road driving up hill.
  • The walk from the bus parking to the entry of the castle is some 50 meters uphill and takes about 3 min.
  • This tour is recommended also for people with walking difficulties.

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