Mesopotam, in Greek: Mesopotamos, Μεσοπόταμος, is a municipality in the Delvinë District, Vlorë County, in Albania. The municipality consists of the villages:

  • Mesopotam
  • Kardhikaq
  • Peçë
  • Muzinë
  • Dhrovjan
  • Krongj
  • Bistricë
  • Velahovë
  • Livinë
  • Brajlat
  • Sirakat
  • Kostar
  • Fitore
  • Krane
  • Ardhasovë

The municipality borders Delvinë municipality to the north, Aliko to the south, Dhivër to the east, and Finiq and Aliko to the west.


The name comes from Greek, meaning “between rivers”. The municipality settlements (beside Muzinë) are inhabited mainly by Greek minority.


The Mesopotam village is known for its 13th century Orthodox Church dedicated to St. Nicholas, declared “Protected Monument” from the government.
The “Blue Eye” (Albanian: Syri i Kaltër) water spring nearby is an well-known touristic destination. There is a local trout (Salmo obtusirostris) farm.


Mesopotam on map

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