A unique 10 day hiking tour along the Ionian Coast of Albania.

Day 1 – Corfu

Arrive Corfu, Greece; depart for Saranda by ferry and check into hotel; Dinner in the Castle Likursi. Stay in Saranda hotels for the night.

Day 2 – Butrint

Bus to the Ancient City of Butrint – tour archeological site; picnic lunch at the Triangular Fortress; hike Mt. Sotires Trail and on to Alimura Bay; return to Burint main gate. Bus back to Saranda. Stay in Saranda hotels for the night.

Day 3 – Kakome to Qeparo

Hike the Ionian coast (14 km). Leave Saranda by boat to Kakome Beach; hike to Krorez beach and Monastery of St. Maria; continue along the coast to Stylla Beach for picnic lunch; hike to Bunec Beach in the afternoon, then by bus a short distance to Qeparo Beach; stay in Qeparo hotels for the night.

Day 4 – Qeparo to Pilari

Hike inland to mountain villages (14 km). Leave Qeparo Beach and hike up to the village of Kudhes – visit the village of Old Qeparo along the way; picnic lunch in Kudhes; hike thru the mountains to the village of Pilari (vertical climb 800 m). Stay in village houses around Pilari; meet at the village café for dinner; breakfast in village houses.

Day 5 – Pilari to Himara:

Return to the Ionian Coast (99 km). Hike around the Pilari area in the morning; hike to village of Himara in the afternoon (downhill) and on to the beach at Himara (Spila); picnic lunch along the way. Stay in Himara hotels for the night.

Day 6 – Himara (Overnight)

Free day in Himara with optional activities: (1) hike back up the mountain to Old Himara and explore the remains of the Castle/Village, (2) relax on the beach, (3) hike in the area on your own. Stay in Himara hotels for the night.

Day 7 – Himara to Dhermi Beach

Hike the Ionian coast (13 km); hike along the rocky coast to Jal Beach; lunch in Jal area; continue along the coast to the Monastery of St. Tohdre, exploring Vuno Canyon along the way; hike down the bluff and along the beach to Dhermi; stay in hotels in Dhermi Beach for the night.

Day 8 – Village of Dhermi

Village Tour – hike up the mountain to the village of Dhermi; walking tour of the village with guide to the many churches in the area; picnic lunch at the Monastery; return to the beach in the evening along a different trail; stay in hotels in Dhermi Beach for the night.

Day 9 – Return to Saranda

Travel by private coach back to Saranda; stop along the way to visit the scenic Village of Vuno; picnic lunch at Ali Pasha Castle in Porto Palermo; stay in Saranda hotels for the night.

Day 10 – Corfu

Take the ferry from Saranda back to Corfu for travel back to the airport. Sightseeing or last minute shopping in Saranda or Corfu (depending on departure plans).

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